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  • 【IMPORTED DUAL-LAYER LENS with PERMANENT ANTI-FOG】Our Skiing Goggles adopt spherical dual lens design with Italy pro long-lasting Anti-Fog materials & Anti-Scratch coating which can offer you a truly unobstructed & clear wide view. The inner Anti-fog lens adopts high quality CA sheets which we import from Italy and the anti fog function can be dissolved into the CA sheets directly. So it can prevent water vapors from forming fogs on the surface of lens permanently.

  • 【UV PROTECTION】UV400 Protection treatment on double layer lens can prevent scorching to eyes by the ultraviolet light or the strong sunshine reflection on the snowfield. 180 degree panoramic view design provides you super clear vision and less visual interference.

  • 【OTG DESIGN & HELMET COMPATIBLE】Snowledge Ski Glasses with OTG(Over The Glasses) design allow you to wear your glasses beneath the goggles. The goggles are also suitable for people who wear glasses. With adjustable extra long and wide high density elastic strap, they are compatible with any helmets.

  • 【HIGH QUALITY & COMFORTABLE】All of our Snowboarding Goggles have Premium FDA & CE Certification. High quality TPU material frame and PC lens which make goggles have an excellent flexibility and impact resistance, secure more safety for your eyes.We use only the highest grade of triple layer foam for maximum which safely cling to face on your face and provide top anti-wind features.

  • 【PROFESSIONAL VENTILATION】Ventilation system on top and bottom side of Snowboard Goggles enhance air-flow and reduce the fogging when skiing or snowboarding in high speed and exhaust hot air from face quickly.

Package Content:

  • 1 x TPU Frame
  • 1 x Double Layer Lens
  • 1 x Storage Pouch
  • 1 x User Manual


1. Please remember to wipe it out with soft fabric or tissue to clean up carefully after used.

2. Please avoid used any chemical material to contact the surface of the lens, in case of removing and scratching the anti-fog coating.

3. Please avoid scrubbing the lens frequently as it may reduce the performance of the anti fogging coating.

4. If Snowledge Snowboard Goggles are wet, place them in a room temperature area to dry out before stored or used.