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For this friendship, the love of outdoor and nature, we decided to explore the world by experiencing skiing. the more developed the technology, the lonelier we will be. These days, we spend most of the time immersed in network technology. Our senses are gradually numb in the high-speed modern society. We need to go more outdoor.



● Skiing gives me an incredible sense of freedom

With the fast pace of modern social life, skiing is a meditation on one's own life; Extreme sports allow me to abandon the troubles of modern society.

Skiing is the closest thing to flying without the danger of leaving the ground. You get an incredible sense of freedom, of gliding effortlessly through nature. Skis are your wings!

● I must conquer myself before conquering the mountains.

Skiing is a way to challenge fear, push yourself to the limit and share unforgettable experiences.

● Skiing is full of metaphor of life.

"Once you choose a path, you can't go back, you just need to do it there. If you stare at a ditch, you will eventually get there. "

And that's what we insist on-we focus on one road, we never leave any way out for ourselves, what we need to do is to go forward bravely.



Snowledgeeyewear was established in 2016, a renowned supplier of well known winter sport brands.

Our name is a pledge of quality to winter sports enthusiasts. We endeavor to be synonymous with quality and to never underestimate the importance of looking good out there on the slopes; we offer both protection and aesthetics for those who look for the exhilaration, every winter!

Our integrated supply chain built over decades allows us to mobilize the best materials, textures and designs from around the world. So look no further for the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, personalization, and competitive pricing!

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Company name: Shuo Xin Technology Co., Ltd., Changchun

Company address:Room 412, Unit 3, Block C24, Golden Oucheng Group C and D, Baoyongge, Zhinong Road, Lvyuan District, Changchun City, Jilin Province,China

Contact Us:  service@snowledgeeyewear.com

TEL: +86 13163752809


Snowledgeeyewear, “Love makes me fearless", welcome to join us!